3 Dances That Will Allow You to Shape Your Silhouette

3 dances that will help you shape your legs, buttocks and waistline

In addition to helping us improve our physique, dancing is very beneficial in combating depressive states. It is good to practice at least three times a week. Dancing is a very pleasant activity that can bring many benefits to the body, as long as it is practiced on a regular basis. Discover 3 dances that will allow you to shape your silhouette.

Thanks to the movements it involves,  dance is an exercise that can help keep vital organs healthy. One of its most interesting advantages is that it offers a different way of exercising and also of fighting against sedentarism which generates diseases.There are many rhythms that allow you to dance in different ways, thus working all areas of the body to slim and tone them.

In addition, there is no need to register in a gym or seek professional help to enjoy all of its benefits.

It is enough to practice the dance every day at home, to begin to feel the positive changes in our body.

Although there are different dance exercise programs, in this article we are going to share with you 3 types of dances that can be performed regularly to shape the legs, buttocks and waistline. Discover them!

Discover 3 dances that will allow you to shape your silhouette.

1. The salsa

Discover 3 dances that will allow you to shape your silhouette.

Salsa is a Caribbean rhythm that has conquered many places around the world since the 1970s.

Developed by Cubans and Puerto Ricans residing in New York, it is a rhythm that comes from the association of jazz and African music. 

Practicing all the dances is considered a very interesting aerobic exercise. Because they work the heart , improve lung capacity and also burn a significant amount of calories.

Depending on the speed of the pace, you can burn between 350 and 400 calories per hour. In addition, they are excellent for the rest of the body because:

  • Tones the legs, stomach and hips.
  • Increases physical resistance.
  • Improves cardiovascular health.
  • Reduces tension and stress.
  • Increase agility and coordination.

2. The bachata

Discover 3 dances that will allow you to shape your silhouette.

Bachata is a rhythm that comes from the Dominican Republic. It is known to be a little slower than the merengue and with an accentuated movement of the hips.

It is a romantic, sensual, but well-paced dance that is divided into two very distinct styles: one a little slow and the other more aerobic.

Thanks to these dances, we exercise the hips , legs and also the torso.

This is why if we practice it frequently and in a suitable way, we can then obtain the following benefits:

  • Burn up to 750 calories per hour.
  • Tone and shape the legs and buttocks.
  • Greater flexibility of the spine.
  • A very firm waistline.
  • Toned muscles.
  • Better body coordination.
  • More capacity for seduction.
  • Better self-esteem.
  • A feeling of well-being and stress relief.

3. The Kizomba

This dance from Africa, has been practiced since the 1980s in many places around the world. Today, it is becoming more and more popular in zumba classes as well as in gyms.

The movements it involves are a great way to work the legs, buttocks, arms and waistline. 

It consists of a continuous and oscillatory movement of the pelvis from front to back. So you work your hips and waistline a lot.

Among the main benefits of kizomba are:

  • Strengthens bones and muscles
  • Helps to tone the body
  • Reduces stress and muscle tension
  • Increase vitality and energy
  • Excellent for building self-confidence and security
  • Increases resistance and flexibility
  • Helps prevent physical illnesses like osteoporosis and arthritis
  • Avoid depression
  • Protects the cardiovascular system
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Helps fight cellulite

How many times a week can we practice these dances?

In reality, there is no limit to dancing. You can practice the dance every day, but in a moderate way to avoid physical over-exertion. The practice of half an hour of dancing per day is more than enough to enjoy its benefits. But if you don’t have a lot of time, it’s good to do it at least three times a week.  Of course, you can dance to whatever rhythm you like the most. Or you organize a program with the three types of dances that we have presented to you.

Motivate yourself to make dancing a part of your daily life. You will then see that you will feel healthier both physically and emotionally. Don’t hesitate to invite your spouse, relatives or friends to make this moment even more fun!

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