Ultimate 5 Slimming Lemon Juice Recipes Lemon juice for weight loss

Lemon juice for weight loss 5 Slimming Lemon Juice Recipes

Lemon is the new trendy slimming food. As a cure, in liquid and recipes, it is consumed from morning to evening and boosts weight loss while detoxifying the body. In this article, discover 5 slimming lemon juice recipes in which lemon is combined with other ingredients for even more efficiency! 

Here Are 5 Slimming Lemon Juice Recipes

 Lemon ginger juice: ideal in the morning to lose weight

For 1 person 

· 1/2 tsp. powdered ginger 

· 1 untreated lemon 

· 100 ml of lukewarm water 


To make the ginger lemon juice:

  1. Squeeze the lemon, then place it in a glass.
  2. Add the powdered ginger and lukewarm water and mix thoroughly until the ginger powder dissolves in the juice.
  3. Drink now. 

The slimming benefits of lemon and ginger juice: 

Lemon juice in the morning for weight loss is a remedy as popular as it is effective. The good news, when lemon is combined with ginger, its health benefits are increased tenfold, and the simple slimming juice becomes a natural concentrate of active ingredients. Note that this preparation can also be enjoyed hot after a large meal to help the body digest it better. 

 The lemon and ginger association allows to: 

· Stimulate the production of bile and digestive enzymes 

· Promote cleansing and drainage of specific organs such as the liver and gallbladder 

· Regulate the body’s pH 

· Take advantage of a concentrate of antioxidants and prevent premature aging of cells 

· Boost the immune system 

· Promote digestive well-being 

· Increase metabolism 

 Lemon juice and cinnamon to lose weight on the stomach

For 1 person 

· 1/2 tsp. powdered Ceylon cinnamon

· 1 untreated lemon 

· 100 ml of lukewarm water 


To make the lemon and cinnamon juice, you need to squeeze the lemon carefully and mix the liquid with the Ceylon cinnamon powder. Mix thoroughly by incorporating lukewarm water, then drink the mixture immediately. This preparation can also be carried out with hot water and consumed after the main meals. 

Benefits of lemon juice and cinnamon to lose weight on the stomach 

It is exciting to combine cinnamon and lemon when you want to lose weight on your stomach or refine your silhouette. Indeed, cinnamon has a gripping triple action as part of a weight-loss project. First of all, it increases thermogenesis, so the body expends additional energy just trying to restore its physiological temperature. In addition, cinnamon helps regulate blood sugar. However, the rise in blood sugar leads to insulin production responsible, in part, for the storage of sugars in fatty tissue in the form of triglycerides. Finally, cinnamon, by its robust taste and its composition, has a natural appetite suppressant action. 

 Lemon grapefruit juice and olive oil, perfect for draining the liver and slimming down

For one person

· 1 very ripe grapefruit

· 1/2 lemon untreated 

· 1 C. quality olive oil 

· 0.5 cm of ginger root


1. To make the lemon, grapefruit, and olive oil juice, start by squeezing the grapefruit and half a lemon. Pour the mixture into a glass. 

2. Then, crush the ginger and add it to the juice obtained previously. Add the olive oil, stir quickly, then drink the preparation immediately. 

Why are grapefruit lemon juice and olive oil ideal for draining the liver and losing weight? 

First of all, it should be noted that this juice should be consumed in the evening before going to sleep for optimal effectiveness. Indeed, it is during the night that the liver has intensive activity. The combination of the four ingredients that make up this juice promotes the cleansing of the liver and the gallbladder. By extension, it facilitates the assimilation of nutrients and the elimination of excess fat from digestion. When the liver is purified, the entire metabolism feels the benefits. The toxins and metabolic wastes which saturate the organs are then eliminated more easily. 

 Lemon juice and turmeric, to lose weight by boosting the body

For 1 person 

· 1 lemon 

· 1/2 tsp. turmeric powder 

· 100 ml of lukewarm or cold water 


To make the lemon and turmeric juice:

  1. Squeeze the lemon to extract the juice.
  2. Place the fluid thus obtained in a glass.
  3. Add the turmeric powder and water and mix very quickly.
  4. Drink this mixture right away. 

Benefits of lemon juice and turmeric for weight loss 

Curcumin, a primary active ingredient in turmeric, increases the solubility of fats and facilitates their digestion and then their elimination. Curcumin would also have a positive effect on blood sugar and the use of sugars in the body. Therefore, turmeric combines a fat-burning effect and a positive effect on the digestive system. Associated with lemon, which also stimulates the digestive organs, it is perfect for promoting weight loss. Plus, turmeric is excellent for the immune system. 

 Lemon and mint juice, the ideal recipe to lose weight effectively.

For 1 person 

· 250 ml of water 

· 1 untreated lemon + 2 slices 

· 8 mint leaves 

· 1 C. tablespoons of whole sugar


1. To make this recipe, start by squeezing the lemon to extract all the juice. Then, mix the lemon juice and sugar in a small bottle. Add the mint leaves and lemon slices, then pour the water over them. 

2. Finally, place the mixture in the fridge for at least 2 hours for a good infusion. Consume very fresh. 

Why does lemon and mint juice make you lose weight? 

This recipe combines the slimming virtues of lemon and those of mint for optimal results. Indeed, mint has a very natural appetite suppressant power linked to its fragrance and its robust taste. In addition, its fiber and nutrient content promotes satiety and helps prevent cravings between meals. It is a perfect ingredient to optimize the effectiveness of traditional lemon juice for weight loss.

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