7 Days Weight Loss challenge

Overweight and Obesity is a challenging and big problem in modern medical science. Many people from around the world are suffering from it. According to a WHO report published in 2016, 1.9 billion people from the globe are suffering from overweight which is 24.75% of the total population of the world and 13% are suffering from obesity which is an even more dangerous form of overweight. This statistic is quite alarming and warns all of us about the intensity of the problem. Nowadays, Medical science tries its best to overcome the problem as it leads to many long-term diseases.


Being overweight or obese is not a disease itself but may cause too many other serious and life lasting diseases like Diabetes, Heart diseases, High blood pressure, Breathing problems, etc. Overweighting is the result of an imbalanced diet, lack of exercise and other athletic activities, depression, and in some cases due to genetic problems. The important thing in this regard is awareness and guidance. Every individual should be aware and guide about the dangerous consequences of Obesity and at the same time, one should be aware and knows the tips and points to weight loss to make ensure a healthy and fit life.


Weight loss in the context of medical fitness refers to the reduction of total body mass either voluntary or involuntary. Voluntary weight loss means losing body weight as a result of efforts by self-adopted means like Exercise, balancing daily intake diet, self-control, etc. On the other hand, involuntary means includes diseases and illness like cancer, Celiac disease, Addison disease. Commonly by the word weight loss, we mean weight loss by voluntary means so here we will only discuss the voluntary means by which one can reduce its weight and enhance its fitness level.


First of all, one should know about the levels of body weight whether my body weight is overweight, Normal weight or underweight. The condition of body weight can find out by calculating the Body mass index (BMI) of the body. BMI level is based on a formula which is the aggregate of height, weight, and age of the body.

Following are the categories of BMI for different bodies.

 BMI Categories:

Underweight = Below 18.5

Normal weight = 18.5–24.9

Overweight = 25–29.9

Obesity = BMI of 30 or greater


According to the recent report of researchers, At the most one can lose 1 kg/week on its own. For more than this, He/She should consult with for doctor otherwise can face serious issues of weakness.

Following are some tips for weight loss:

1) Reduce your Calories intake: 

For weight loss, the first thing came into our mind is to reduce our daily intake of food. Calories are the unit of energy that a body used for daily life works and come for intake of food. If these calories do not burn then they will store in the body and the result is a gain of body weight in form of fats and muscles. So, as a rule of thumb, more food means more calories, more energy, and ultimately more weight gain. So, the primary step is to reduce your daily calorie intake. The amount of calorie intake can be calculated by the Calories calculator. This amount of calorie intake is based on Weight, Height, Age, and daily activities.

2) Exercise and Workout: 

Exercise is very important for weight loss and also to maintain weight loss. When we work out or practice some exercise, we burn that extra amount of calories that are stored in the body in form of muscles and fats. The most suitable form of exercise is to work out in a gym. Besides Gym, you can play Athletic games like running, Bicycling, Swimming, etc. According to researchers, Running is the most calories burning game among all athletic games. Individuals who weighed 83 kilograms running at 8mph would burn 979 calories in an hour, while someone of the same weight jogging at 6mph would burn 813 calories.

3) Balancing the Diet: A balanced diet with all necessary nutrition is very important during the challenge of weight because too much low diet can cause malnutrition and sometimes lead to a very serious issue like blood deficiency i.e. Anemia etc. According to reports, weight loss of 1 kg/week is recommended by itself further consulting with a doctor is recommended. For reducing 1 kg weight, you have to burn 7700 calories. So to burn 1kg per week so we have to burn 1100 calories per day. Therefore a balanced diet is very important. Here are some key points for a balanced diet during a weight loss challenge:

  • Protein: Protein is important nutrition in building muscle. Therefore, during the weight loss challenge, some intake of protein should be added to the daily diet with exercise and workouts. Foods that contain the protein are Salmon (Fish), Black Beans, Lean meat, Egg, Low-fat dairy, Nuts, and seeds.
  •  Carbohydrates: Low carbohydrate diet is very effective for weight loss. A very low amount of carbs will increase the appetite and will tend to eat more and hence will disturb the challenge. The main sources of Low carbohydrates are Lean meat, Fish, Egg, Some fruits like Banana, Apple and Mango, etc. High carbohydrates foods must be avoided like Sugar and juice etc.
  • Fibers: Soluble Eat fibers should be added to the diet. Fiber helps in reducing the appetite. Fiber-rich food includes Oats, Beans, Apples, barley, etc.
  • Fats: All kinds of fats must be avoided during the challenge. Fats-rich food includes Fatty fish, Dark Chocolate, Olive oil, Chia seeds, etc. These kinds of food will increase the fats level in the body which results in overweight.

4) Take a heavy breakfast: 

 Another key tip in the weight loss challenge is starting the day with a heavy breakfast. This thing will reduce the appetite all day. Also, drink two glasses of water in the morning and before the meal. Water before the meal will fill your stomach and reduce your appetite.

5) Motivation and self-control: 

Without motivation and mental preparedness, nothing is possible. Therefore it is very important to keep yourself motivated and self-controlled. For this purpose, weigh yourself daily and compare it with the previous day’s result. Accomplish healthy habits and keep motivated yourself to avoid the unnecessary diet. Start the weight loss challenge with fruit in mind. Make a diet chart for yourself on weekly basis.