20 Best Exercises for The Face and Neck at Home

Exercises for The Face and Neck

Every year, the skin of the face and neck changes: it dries, becomes more flabby, small wrinkles appear. In pursuit of beauty, some choose various expensive drugs; others fall into the knives of specialists. However, it is not necessary to immediately turn to such costly and dangerous methods that carry certain risks. Significantly improve the structure of the skin and tighten yourself with little or no investment. Facial exercises are the only alternative to plastic surgery to rejuvenate the skin. In This article we will explain 20 Best Exercises for The Face and Neck at Home.


Many different face lessons can be purchased in the form of video tutorials or special writing lessons. The Russian doctor Osminina N. B. program developed around 2000, related to the rehabilitation of the facial muscles and treating the human musculoskeletal system, is considered one of the most effective. At its core, the program is a set of exercises and massages for the face, helping to tighten and eliminate skin blemishes that appear with age. This system is based on theoretical engineering and hydraulics; the exercises regulate the tension and relaxation of the muscles of the face and neck.

It is not just a skin tightening due to the study of facial muscles. It is a whole set of anti-ageing and healing programs that awaken and use the body’s internal reserves. Blood circulation is improved, the metabolic processes of the skin and the removal of harmful substances from the human body are accelerated, and the skin is regenerated faster than usual. The author notes that the correct execution of the exercises will develop weak muscles and remove hypertension and spasms of the overloaded muscles.

The whole program is based on different principles.

  • The skin itself has no age. The muscular corset, which includes the muscles themselves and the nerves, blood vessels, and bones, is responsible for its elasticity and youth. Adverse changes in this corset require changes in the skin.
  • Wrinkles appear where there is muscle spasm. A healthy, strong muscle should always be at a low volume, but the skin contracts and a fold appears when it becomes redundant. The band aims to relieve excessive tension and return the muscles to the necessary tone.


  • Healthy muscles are healthy skin. Good muscle work will rejuvenate the face and body. Their intensity will tighten the skin and enhance its regeneration. Their relaxation will help get rid of swelling and blockage.
  • It is necessary to treat skin health from a young age. All wrinkles and folds begin to be placed on the muscles of the face from adolescence. It is essential to detect and remove all blocks and clamps as soon as possible, preventing and not removing the resulting wrinkles.

Indications and benefits

Although the mechanisms of skin ageing have been studied for a long time, many scientists are still working to solve this problem.

Ageing is due to several factors.

  • This is a congestion fluid that can lead to lymphocytosis. Impaired blood circulation leads to atony of the skin; it becomes dull and poor. All metabolic processes in the body are slowed down, which in turn can lead to severe diseases.
  • This is constant daily stress. As a result, the muscle tissue increases in volume and freezes in spasms, which leads to stretching and relaxation of the skin, the appearance of the tendon and the second chin.
  • These are the attractions of the face. The fasciae are muscle membranes connected in a single system and connect all the muscles in a single complex. A spasmodic part of a muscle leads to the tension of the whole spectrum. It changes the posture of the body and the characteristics of the face.


Thus, by preventing and eliminating these three causes of ageing, exercise helps:

  • improving blood circulation and blood supply to the skin.
  • increased lymphatic outflow.
  • improving the structure of the skin.
  • restoration of facial contours and clarity of jawlines.
  • reduction of static muscles of the face and neck.
  • the elimination of wrinkles and the increase of the smoothness of the skin.
  • improved soft tissue lifting.
  • improving the function of the facial muscles and the jaw muscles.
  • to Eliminate the Bryly and the Second Chin



Despite the scientific approach and the remarkable effectiveness of the exercises, the classes have some contraindications.

It is impossible to perform manual (and especially vacuum) operations in the following cases:

  • various inflammations and abscesses in the area to be massaged.
  • congenital problems with the cervical-lumbar spine, osteoporosis?
  • injuries to the jaw, key or spine, as well as traumatic brain injury.
  • circulatory system malfunctions.
  • hypertension and vascular disease.
  • inflammation of the trigeminal or facial nerve.
  • various skin diseases (warts, eczema, psoriasis).
  • serious diseases, such as oncology, diabetes or diseases of the immune system,
  • psychological disorders, addictions.

It is advisable to consult your doctor before starting a course, even for a healthy person. Exercise will not eliminate the defects caused by a particular disease. For example, if any disease causes swelling, then massaging the swollen tissues will only increase the extent of the skin.

Also, the author Osminina NB does not recommend a combination of courses and exercises to increase muscle mass, as such a contraction can still aggravate existing problems.


Why is it used?

The exercise program will improve the skin and reduce subcutaneous fat thickness on the cheeks and chin. It will restore the contour of the face, tighten the eyelids, make your eyes more open and widen your eyes, eliminate wrinkles. In addition, the complex will improve the condition of the neck: it will lengthen and give it a beautiful outline, reduce transverse wrinkles. The main thing is to improve posture and relieve the tension of the shoulder body. So this is not just a facial exercise; the work is done with the shoulder girdle, back and cervical spine.


The facial exercise program includes a large band that works on all the muscles in this area.

Media area

exercises designed to reduce and ultimately remove wrinkles and smooth the skin. But the complex will also help improve sleep: it will be easier to fall asleep and wake up, sleep will be deeper and allow you to feel more relaxed. To do this, place the index finger guide on the eyebrow, resting it on the skin with the side. In the temple, we should emphasize the stretching of the skin with the thumb of the same hand. In general, it looks like gauze formed with one hand.

The other hand is wrapped behind the head and transferred to the skin area above the first hand. In a circular motion, the skin is tightened in the direction from the eyebrow to the tip of the hair. The hands are changed, and the whole process is repeated for the other half of the medium. And you can also massage the middle part of the frontal lobe. The palms are on the face, and the little fingers contact each other in the centre of the forehead. The spiral movements of the palms massage the skin in a downward-upward pattern from the waist to the ends.


The following exercise will help relax the muscles of the waist and return the eyebrows to the proper position. One hand is on the back of the head, and the other is on the forehead. The forehead tissue should be pulled slowly to the hairline while moving the neckline to the neck with the second hand.


You need to stretch the skin a bit to make the eyes wider and increase the trajectory around the inner corner. To do this, with the index finger and middle fingers of one hand, you need to form the letter “V”. With your palm on your hand towards the eyes, connect them to the outer corner of the eyebrow and below the outer corner of the eye.

The resulting skin “fork” is stretched on the sides of the eye and then moves to the nose. Another similar exercise can be done by applying the index finger in the center of the eyebrow and the big to the middle of the cheek. The skin is stretched and compressed in different directions, massaged in a circular motion. After trying, you should open your eyes as wide as possible and blink several times quickly.


To lift the corners of the lips, it is necessary to place the index fingers of both hands on them. In this case, the thumbs are in the jaw’s arch on both sides of the chin. With light movements, the fingers are pulled towards each other, relaxing the chin muscles. The exercise can be repeated for each corner of the mouth separately.

Nasolabial triangle

To reduce the nasolacrimal folds and increase their lymphatic drainage, the following exercise is perfect. The index finger of one hand is placed on the wing of the nostrils and the finger of the other hand at the point where the crease begins. The fingers move in such a way that everyone draws half a number eight. After that, the index fingers are located along the nasopharyngeal folds towards the nose and, with slight vibratory movements from bottom to top, “iron” the fold. It will remove excess water from the area. It will relax the muscles.

To lift the upper lip and the nostrils, you need to grasp the tip of the nostrils with two fingers of one hand and place the fingers of the other hand in the inner corner of the eye on the same side of the face. The lower fingers move to the top and hold for a few seconds at the highest point.

Oval face

To restore elasticity to the oval of the face and smooth cheeks, you need to perform an exercise called “Scream”. It will remove the spasms of the jaw muscles and lower them to the correct position. To do this, open your mouth and reduce your lower jaw to your neck. The lips are extended in such a way that the letter “O” is pronounced. At the same time, the palms are at the junction of the lower and upper jaws and press the muscle, stretching and smoothing. The eyes during exercise should be wide open to try the skin of the face. Thus, the training is performed by those who develop with age. For those with a chin “crawling” with age,


All facial exercises can be performed both in a sitting position and in a supine position. It is incredibly convenient when the facial movements are performed immediately after waking up, directly in bed. The main thing in such exercises is not to overdo it by tightening the skin, especially around the eyes.


Exercises for the cervical spine are fundamental exercises. To achieve maximum success in restoring and rejuvenating the skin, you need to start the daily complexion.

Backside surface

To lengthen the neck, improve blood circulation, and reduce pain in osteochondrosis, you need to perform a “hanger” exercise. It is necessary to hang your head freely without pressing your chin to your chest. You should lift your shoulders and stay in that position for about 30 seconds with your head down. You can then return to the starting position by raising your head.

The second exercise, which allows you to work the neck muscles, is the following sequence. The arms are placed on the lower back, and one shoulder is raised and pulled. The head is turned opposite from the shoulder, while the chin should be gradually expanded. You should stay in this position for 30 seconds and then return to the starting position, lowering your shoulder but leaving your hands on your lower back. After three repetitions, the shoulder changes.


Front side

To reduce transverse wrinkles and eliminate the second chin, you need to do a daily “Frame” exercise. The arms rise and bend at the elbows, the palms cover the elbows, forming a frame above the head. The head is tilted down, and the shoulders are stretched upwards, straightening the spine. After that, one hand is placed on the chest. The other under the chin and neck is extended slightly, extending the arms in different directions.


Align the neck with the spine

An enlarged neck is often found in people who spend a lot of time working on a computer. Because of this, there is a pain in the shoulders, the face changes. To straighten your neck, you need to do the following steps regularly. The arms are wrapped behind the back and pressed into a lock; the channel extends forward without tilting the head. You must remain in this position for 30 seconds. It is necessary to perform the opposite actions: hang your hands on the lock in front of the body and pull the neck back.


Remove the clip from the side and back.

To alleviate muscle spasms and lengthen the neck, elevate one shoulder, turn the head toward it, stretch the neck to the opposite side as far as possible, and freeze in this position for at least 30 seconds. Repeat the exercise for the other side of the neck. The muscles of the back surface are stretched and contracted similarly; only the shoulders increase and decrease simultaneously.

The bus stop

You can do many different exercises to straighten your spine and open your chest. One of them is the “Sail” exercise, which opens the chest and stretches the muscles of the arms and enhances the lymphatic drainage of the body. To do this, you have to stand at the door, putting your palms on the chairs, after which, without removing your palms, you take a big step forward. In this position, you should hold for at least 30 seconds and then get rid of the stress by turning your back out and lowering your head.

The second exercise for the back is the so-called zero gravity. It will stretch the spine and relax all the sphincters of the muscles of the spine. It’s best to do it in football, but you can do it without it. First, you have to bend forward, as if embracing a large round ball (or embracing it) and stay in that position for at least half a minute. It is necessary to bend in the same way in the opposite direction and remain in this position.

The third exercise to correct your posture is called Active Standing. You should stand in such a way that the legs are just below the shoulders, the sky is directed to the floor, and the buttocks are slightly tense. The whole body should make a straight line from the top of the head to the heels themselves. To perform the exercise, you need to stretch the head’s crown smoothly, open the chest and pull the shoulders back. It is necessary to stay in this position much longer than in other exercises, i.e. from 3 to 5 minutes. And you can perform this exercise at any time of the day, while you are at work, standing in line at the store or on a subway trip.

A unique part deals with exercises with a particular role., which will help relieve back pain, reduce swelling and help with weight loss. Best of all, it is a ready-made cylindrical shell, bought in a speciality store or made by yourself, suitable for it. The roller should be placed on the floor and top so that the roller is firmly below the navel. The elongated legs are connected to the tiny toes; the arms extend over the head and touch each other with the little toes. You should stay in this position for at least two minutes, adding 20-30 seconds to the exercise every other day. Thus, it is possible to bring the training time to 10-15 minutes,

Breathing during exercise should be slow and deep, inhalation through the nose and exhalation through the mouth.


Main exercises

The complete core course includes more than 40 exercises that affect the face, cervix, and spinal cord muscles and ligaments. The principle of their implementation is similar to some codes of yoga practice – you need to take a position in space, feel the tension or relaxation of specific muscles and stay in that position for a while.

You can list some basic moves based on most of the others:

  • abduction of the shoulder, arms, shoulders.
  • inclinations of the head, of the body.
  • muscle strain through action;
  • muscle strain on the hands.
  • muscle tightening with action.
  • muscle tightening in the hands.
  • massage.


In addition, the massage is divided into a vacuum and a sculpture.

  • Vacuum Facial Exercise – This is a muscle massage using small vacuum jars. It takes a set of three cans, the smallest of which is needed to process small areas (skin around the eyes, lips). A medium-sized jar is required to massage the nose and temporal lobes. A large pot is necessary to work the large muscles of the cheekbones, waist and chin. Such a massage will enhance blood circulation, increase natural collagen production, and smooth out facial wrinkles.
  • Facial Fitness – This is a massage of the muscles with the hands. During the session, these muscles that are not involved in everyday life are tight and relaxed, allowing the skin to get more nutrition and oxygen to strengthen and reduce visible defects.

You can focus on one massage method, but to achieve the best result, combining or alternate the vacuum and the massage sculpture is recommended. In this case, you must either delimit it by zones or by time, do not start the second immediately after the first.

How to run?

The exercise system was designed in such a way that each person can perform it independently at home.

There are many rules you should familiarize yourself with before you start applying this method.

  • 30 seconds This rule states that any compressed or stretched muscle (or muscle group) must be kept in tone for at least 30 seconds; otherwise, the required result will not be achieved.
  • Muscle Fracture Almost all exercises involve a slow but intense stretching of certain muscle groups. It is necessary to restore their original length, which they lost due to convulsions. Since the primary pressure is not produced in the muscle tissue itself but its shell (fascia), it is necessary to perform all manipulations carefully.
  • Pre-tensioning. Pretension is the tendency of the tissues in the opposite direction or opposite to it. It is performed before many basic exercises until the muscle is completely relaxed in the exposure position.
  • Loading. Do not push the fascia too hard. · Loading. Almost no exercise requires effort; in addition, in some activities, they are even harmful. Particularly necessary for the dose of the load, performing facial massages on the eyes, lips and sinuses.
  • Fastening. At the end of some exercises, you should fasten the stretched muscle for some time with your fingers or hands. Usually, 3 to 5 seconds is enough for this.

It will allow the muscles to get used to the correct position and size.


The sequence of each exercise should look like this.

  • The face is cleansed of cosmetics, tight clothes and underwear are removed from the upper body.
  • The palms are warmed by rubbing and applied to those areas that will be affected.
  • Once the skin is slightly warmer than warm hands, you can begin to manipulate, moving from light touches to solid sections.
  • First, the neck and back are processed, then the face. On the face, the forehead is first processed, then the cheeks and then the entire chin.
  • Vacuum massage begins with the giant jar, progressing as it progresses to the smallest.
  • After the massage, the skin should be warmed again by rubbing the palms and left to cool for several minutes before applying makeup or putting on clothes. And you can also additionally restore the skin with a nourishing cream or mask.



Almost all doctors of different specialities approve and consider the Osminina technique effective, as this technique is based on medical research and the principles of the human body. On various Internet resources, you can find many enthusiastic reviews from women and men of different ages. Many people note that after two months of exercise, the oval of the face became much clearer, the second chin was significantly reduced or completely disappeared, and the nasolacrimal folds did not become as deep. The ladies describe the improved posture, the lengthening of the neck and even the loss of a few extra kilos. Many forums post photos before and after the results.

Such impressive results can be achieved only with regular classes 1-1.5 hours. However, there is a category of people who experienced pain during the course. It indicates either the incorrect execution of the exercise or the contraindications that they were unaware of or did not know about. Therefore, those who practised the exercises irregularly often left negative feedback on the net, saying that the technique was useless and very expensive.

In some diseases, the exercise complex does not help and can also worsen a person’s condition. Hence, it is necessary to consult your doctor before taking a course and start doing it.


The program is very rarely performed in living rooms because it was designed for individual use. On the shelves of bookstores and the internet, you can see books by N. Osminina herself and many of her fans who have released their intellectual property courses based on this set of exercises.

The best reviews, however, received the author’s first books:

  • “Fitness for the face”;
  • “The Resurrection of the Face, or the Ordinary Miracle.”

The first describes the principles of the methodology, gives basic exercises and recommendations for their application. Discusses how to restore and maintain lost skin youth and corset muscle health. The second book delves the reader deeper into the causes of deformity and skin ageing, describing the processes that occur during it. Many satisfied buyers advise buying both books because this set of exercises is a real find for those who want to maintain health and beauty for many years.


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