How to Make a Girl Pay Special Attention to You and Want to Be With You

How to Make a Girl Pay Special Attention to You and Want to Be With You

How to make a girl want you. How to get attention from a girl? How to make a girl pay special attention to you and want to be with you

How to make a girl run after you

Few of us can imagine a situation where an attractive girl herself would run after a guy and seek his attention. Still, we are more accustomed to seeing when the guy becomes the main initiator of the relationship, and it is he who breaks through the ice and is indifferent to the girl.

But didn’t you get enough of it? Run constantly, constantly remind yourself, invite to meetings, and hear refusals while feeling complete insignificance. Are these the beautiful relationships and feelings that we need so badly?

Perhaps you will say that you can achieve a girl this way, but is everything so good? Who will give you a guarantee that after starting a relationship, a girl will change her attitude towards you? She is already used to seeing you weak, needy, and running, so she will demand the same from you in a relationship. Everything is straightforward. And if you suddenly decide to change, then she can simply leave you, calling you rude or cattle.

For this reason, we suggest that you consider the option of a relationship when it is the girl who is the main “running” element, and you become the idol that everyone worships. We warn you right away that not everyone and not everyone can become that guy.

Who are the girls running after

Have you ever seen hundreds of girls running after a gray, dull, poor, and weak guy, gnawing their throats in the struggle for his attention? The answer is obvious. On the other hand, if you look at pop stars, athletes, or rich and narcissistic majors, the situation changes dramatically. Maybe they are not the most homely and decent girls around them, but their number and desire are significant.

It all leads us to an elementary and cruel truth about female nature: all girls want the most successful and wealthy guy for themselves. It is for the sake of these guys that they are ready to run, jump, jump, and so on.

However, you should also be aware that there are not enough wealthy and successful guys for everyone. It means that girls are ready to run after ordinary guys who, in their opinion, are the best choice. This is where the whole game begins.

How to make a girl run after you

We have already decided that we need to become successful in the girls’ eyes, and then they will start running after you. But how can this be done?

Appearance. Every time and every group of girls has its idea of ​​the ideal guy they want. Therefore, it would be foolish to miss this fact and not take advantage of women’s weaknesses. More recently, sophisticated guys with a vulnerable soul were in vogue, who listened to “Bring me the horizon” and always remained mysterious. And although they looked strange and, in some places, stupid, a considerable number of girls wanted with their passion and love to “cure their soul.” The principle of uniqueness works: “He is not like everyone else; I want to sleep with him.”

Coldness and detachment. You’ve probably heard phrases from girls like: “If you want, you can leave; I won’t hold you.” After that, most of the guys started to apologize or somehow “give a paw.” it is the principle of coldness when a person shows the absence of any interest in the further fate of the relationship. It serves as an excellent way to manipulate a person who is interested in a relationship.

Here’s a guy who needs to do the same. His behavior should be such that he does not care about relationships but only lives every day and is ready to decide their future fate. Of course, some of the girls will leave, and the other part will begin to bend. It is for the sake of this effect that you need to behave this way.

Self-sufficiency. The guy should be a street cat who sometimes comes home to warm up and lie in a warm bed. If he was able to see the girl, then that’s good. I could not see the girl, and it was also not a tragedy. Is it a business to sit and correspond with a girl 24 hours a day, telling her about all your problems and little things? Many girls see this as a weakness. And where there is weakness, there is no desire to strain for this.

Success and dedication. If after your business you come home and sit in idleness, then this is normal. If you tell your girlfriend about your laziness, then it is terrible. You must have some things to do and occupy for everyone around you, and you must shine and radiate a positive and reinforced concrete attitude. Everyone will, at least, be interested in the reasons for your joy, but the girls will want to join a piece of success and positive.

There will be another one. If you hold on too tightly and worry about one girl, you soon become weak, suspicious, and needy. It has a highly negative effect on the girl who stops seeing you as a hunter. For this reason, you need to set the mindset for yourself: “If not this girl, then there will be the next one, and the next one will follow.” It will make your attitude towards the girl more accessible, but at the same time more confident.

Trick and features of the situation

When trying to get a girl to run after them, guys sometimes act too harshly. For example, one day, they decide to change everything and suddenly begin to behave differently. For example, a romantic boy turns into a rude villain. Perhaps strangers will fall for this trick, but friends and the girl will notice the scheme initially.

The peculiarity is that you need to change your behavior gradually and consistently. It can be challenging to achieve this on your own; new acquaintances and hobbies come to the rescue. For example, if you buy a bike and start riding around the city, you will soon find a company with whom you will depend on short trips. And it takes some time: so we don’t write to the girl, we throw her alone and go for a drive with friends. As a result, she is waiting for the return of her prince, who has such a calm and exciting hobby.

What’s going on with running around in a relationship

It is difficult to find a relationship where both partners are on entirely equal positions. One always usually dominates, while the other obeys his will and “pays extra.” So if you run after a girl, then you “pay extra” for her attention; if she runs, then “she.” It is almost impossible to change these roles since the relationship will be destroyed, and you will have to create them again, and then how lucky you are. However, the price of this surcharge can be reduced. To do this, the guy needs to remember a simple set of rules:

· Don’t be jealous and don’t remember the girl’s past

· Have a day or two for your personal affairs without a girlfriend

· Have some kind of hobby or activity for yourself and only for yourself

· Don’t write or call a girl for no reason

· Develop either physically or financially

All these principles will be sufficient to throw off the yoke of a slave and receive only positive from the relationship. Of course, with an oppressive girl, it will not be possible to get rid of him completely, but it is better to have a pot of harm than a barrel, you know with what!

Girls are attracted to confident young people, achieve ambitious goals, and have purely masculine hobbies. And in order not to fall into the trap of women who love to manipulate men in love with them, it is essential not to take the relationship to heart and keep your fans a little at a distance.

How to reduce the importance of relationships with girls

If a man attaches too much significance to a relationship with a girl, then over time, it will bring him a lot of problems.

Why the overestimated importance of relationships with girls is dangerous

By too obviously showing interest or even affection for a particular girl, the guy lets her know:

1. That she has no other competitors, because of which the girl will lose interest in her partner;

2. That a man is not of such great interest to her, since he is an “easy prey”;

3. That a partner can be manipulated.

As a result, the girl uses the guy for selfish purposes. For example, it “cheats” you on gifts and trips to expensive establishments.

And the second consequence is that the man turns into an “alternate airfield.” At the same time, the girl knows that you will always wait for her, even if she starts a relationship with another.

When she gets sick, she will use you like a vest for tears and the rest of the time as a reliable assistant.

Show no substantial interest in the relationship with her

Pushkin also noticed that the way to a girl’s heart lies through masculine indifference to her person. Such behavior provokes a woman to seek a man, to try for him.

She will want to get his attention first when he enters her life – to hold tight and for a long time.

At the same time, one should not show only indifference and selfishness. A woman is fed with love and affection, but they always do it with a slight deficit. With this behavior, she feels that she is not indifferent, but she does not have absolute confidence in her partner.

This situation fuels the girl’s desire to develop and become better, and the lack of apparent indifference on the male side does not cool her ardor. A man should be open but seem a little distant.

Girls are attracted to men who lead an active lifestyle and have a genuinely masculine hobby:

·        Snowboard and alpine skiing. In large cities, there is almost always an equipped ski slope.

Skiing or snowboarding is limited to the winter season, but it helps to kill several birds with one stone. First, it’s a good sport. Secondly, there are many pretty girls among snowboarders to meet;

·        Photography. Due to the availability of DSLR cameras, there is such a camera in almost every home. If you master the basic settings, learn a few basic angles and master the retouching in Photoshop, everyone can take pictures.

The main thing in this matter is practice. Photographers attract women, and this hobby can also bring additional income. A good portfolio in one of the social networks will provoke girls to write to you;

·        Rope jumping. An extreme hobby that is gaining popularity every year. People jump from tall structures with a safety rope. They do this to get adrenaline and test themselves for strength.

But not everyone is capable of such a jump, so lovers of rope jumping are famous as fearless thrill-seekers.

Hunting and fishing are also considered a purely male pastime. But it is more suitable for people over 35-40 years old. Young girls are unlikely to be attracted by such a hobby.

Don’t be a jealous girl.

Male jealousy shows affection. And attachment shows a woman her superiority over her partner. Often, when a girl wants to attract attention to herself, she tries to make the man jealous. They use various tricks for this, to which one must be able to react.

Example 1. The girl says that another man is showing her attention. In response, a man is expected to start asking questions about his “rival” or forbid her to accept courtship from another.

This behavior is incorrect because it is a manifestation of weakness. It is correct not to react to such provocations at all.

Example 2. The girl chooses explicitly short skirts or dresses and a plunging neckline. She expects her man to remark that he will “claim” his property.

Appropriate compliment with the words: “You look great!” will cause her an opposite reaction.

If you react emotionally and forbid her to wear such clothes, the girl will deliberately start doing it out of spite. In case of a quarrel, she can use this “weapon” to annoy her partner. But if, initially, you do not react in any way to her neckline, then such a method of revenge will not even occur to her.

Do not write or call for no reason.

You cannot send banal SMS with questions about how the girl is doing or how the day went. A successful person plans his days by the minute, and scattering over trifles should not be in your style.

You only need to write and call on business. Many people start a conversation with the standard: “Hello! How are you?”, Listen to the answer and then move on to the topic of discussion. To create an image of a person who loves specifics, such questions are not asked. After the greeting, immediately get down to business.

A confident man always knows the answers to any questions. Before making a phone call, one considers possible questions that may arise due to the topic raised. The answers to them are thought out in advance so as not to mumble into the telephone receiver later and so that there are no awkward pauses.

Don’t forget to get creative with it.

Even if the relationship is not planned long-term, after parting, in no case should a woman be allowed to consider the man to be guilty?

Even though the girls are sure that a man should run after them, sometimes they are actively looking for communication with the guys. And what to do when the girl you like ignores you? How to make a girl run after you? Sometimes it is difficult, but if you choose the correct key for the girl, everything will work out!

Stop paying attention to her. Create a sense of inaccessibility around you. The advice to run after others so that she becomes jealous is not appropriate – so you can just fall in her eyes. She must see you as a strong personality that she cannot resist.

Demonstrate calmness and strength with all your appearance. Girls are attracted to it. She shouldn’t see you as a weakling. And you will look favorably against the background of psychologically unstable competitors. The girl should know the difference between you and all those who constantly pester her with the desire only to drag her into bed.

Even if you did something unforgivable, don’t show your remorse or apologize. Act as nothing happened. But do not offend her at the same time! But to let go of a few ironic remarks on her account will not be superfluous. It hurts the girls, and at the same time, makes them look at you more closely.

To get the girl to run after you, show the girl that she is not in charge and not the leader. You always decide for yourself. It may even make her angry at first, but you will gain her respect in the end.

Please find a way to show her your confidence and inner strength. Give her the feeling that you understand everything about her. Girls are attracted to real men.

When a girl is courted, it implies a kind of submission, a desire to please her. Don’t look after. Better get her attention. Let you be a leader, not a fan.

At this moment, the standard stereotype is triggered. When a girl is being courted, she refuses and encourages more sacrifices on your part, and you continue to run after her. When you aroused her interest, and she likes you, the question of how to get the girl to run after you should no longer be. She will begin to seek you actively.

Don’t make it your goal to just sleep with her. Why then were all these movements needed? Finding a one-night stand is much easier. If you want to get a specific girl that you like to run after you, this is probably about a severe attitude on your part. Try to maintain this attitude. It will always be flattering to you and will instill in you confidence in the chosen one, the fact that since she began to run after you, it means that she considers you the best.

Learn to read the body and sign language. When a man talks about the first step, he probably means something more significant than just an attractive look and a girl’s smile. And what is this if not the very step that ladies’ men dream of? Psychologists say that those successful men with women can intuitively feel that they will not be denied attention. That is, they can pick up such signals in the form of glances and smiles.

Do you want a girl to run after you because you are afraid to come up first in fear of being rejected? Do not overplay too much, putting on an unassailable, self-confident look. Keep it simple. If you are too outgoing and there are always many people around you, alternate between being active and calm. For example, if you’re at a party, be prepared that as soon as you’re done cheering people or playing the guitar, a pretty stranger you’re interested in will sneak up on you.

Do you have a younger brother or nephew? Do his parents a favor, and at the same time take the chance to meet a girl. Take your baby for a walk. It is one of the easiest ways to get girls’ attention. They will certainly pay attention to you and come up to play with the toddler. Then it’s up to you.

Don’t know how to get a girl to run after you? Use her profession. If a girl on duty is forced to turn to customers or customers, she will not ignore you. Find a way to move the conversation from your professional to your interest.

Use your helplessness in some matter. If you look good and are obviously of interest to the fair sex, several of them will undoubtedly want to help you.

Try always to look your best, but following the place and situation. Whatever company you are in, your well-groomed appearance and fashionable clothes will make you quite popular among girls. They will approach you; they will touch you. And what is this, if not the first step?

All men, even those who change girls like gloves, dream of making it easier to meet any girl they like. But the rules of our society are such that a girl should remain indifferent to courtship to the last. But there are several ways to get a girl to run after you or take the first step towards a relationship without much effort.

Most men believe that it is a man who should run after women. However, those guys who are successful with women do not share this point of view.

That’s why they’re always at parties with the most excellent girls themselves. What would your life be like if, instead of courting the girls, they ran after you? Here are ten tips to help you figure it out.

1. Use the “reverse approach.”

When you use the “reverse approach,” you do the exact opposite of everything you say and do to get the female to notice you. This strategy, on the other hand, implies that the woman knows and trusts you already.

The goal you’re aiming for isn’t to be too pleasant to gain her approval. How are you going to do it?

One method is to make caustic remarks that are opposed to what the girl wants to hear.

Alternatively, your response to her query should be the polar opposite of what she anticipated to hear, delivered in a tone that clearly says you’re laughing at her. If you do this, you’ll create a reverse-polar connection, meaning that it’ll be she who comes after you.

2. Read between the lines

If you’re on the phone with a female who says she’s dating someone else, you should realize she’s saying it more for herself than for you.

Maybe she just agreed to go on a date with another guy by accident, but she still feels pity for you, and she wants to tell you so she can convince herself that she is not free.

If you find yourself in this circumstance, tell her anything along the lines of: “Yes?” Congratulations. “Do you suppose I tried to chase you down?” She will be stumped for an answer and will realize that you are a self-sufficient man who does not require the company of a woman, which is precisely the type of man that women want.

Don’t be surprised if she calls you back within a week and says she wants to go somewhere with you because she no longer wants to see the guy she dated last week.

3. Don’t be limited to “sexual relations.”

When I first started studying the question “How to be successful with women,” the idea of ​​”having sex with a girl” seemed much more interesting to me than now because I believed that if I could learn to seduce a girl, I would be successful with any woman.

Well, what can I say now? Many guys who are well trained in seducing women cannot find the “right” woman they want to spend their lives with.

And when they do find one, they cannot keep it. It is more exciting and valuable to understand how and why a woman is drawn to a man and why she stays with him. With this knowledge, you will be able to find “your” woman and keep her close.

There is nothing wrong with seduction, but it is only a piece of the puzzle that alone cannot make you happy and successful in life.

4. Stop courting; start winning her attention.

There are two main ways a man can get to know a woman: courtship and attraction. If you base your relationship on ATTRACTION, the approach is very different from romance.

If you are caring for a woman, her first reaction will be to “run away,” which turns you on even more, and you continue to run after her.

And if a girl likes you, then her natural reaction is to want to stalk you. This subtle, subtle difference makes up all the diversity of the world.

5. Dominate

Courtship is centered on your ACTIONS, PROPOSALS, and what you GIVE, which typically includes presents, dinners, flowers, compliments, and other such gestures.

Communication styles, personality attributes, and masculinity all contribute to attraction. To please her, you must use the method of “becoming a friend” throughout courtship.

Because a woman does not have to like you to attract you, attraction does not imply all of this.

Courtship and attraction are both complex tasks. Being a worshipper, submissive, and weak is what courtship entails; attraction entails leadership, strength, and dominance.

You won’t believe how it will turn your relationship with the woman upside down if you stop courting and start attracting her attention.

6. Be strong

If a woman sees a man acting boldly, she will change her mind about him. As a result, you must demonstrate to the girl that you are one of the select few.

And if she says the other guy is interested in her or that she is busy tonight, you must realize she is just putting you to the test.

“Come on, I know it’s not real,” you can say, and she’ll understand. And, perhaps most crucially, she will recognize that she is dealing with a genuine man.

7. Stay on course

Most men immediately orient themselves towards courting a woman and finding her location. She leads; you follow her.

She doesn’t even lead. It’s just that a man is trying to convince her of this with the help of appropriate questions and body movements.

It is a terrible mistake and will get you nowhere. Instead, stick to your course, even if it is not “being pursued.” Let her change her behavior, body language, mood according to her behavior.

Never let her be ahead. Show her that you are from the category of men who are used to being the captain of their ship, and this will undoubtedly attract her.

8. Never stop halfway and explain your actions.

If you’ve done something that appears to have irritated the woman, don’t apologize or try to cheer her up.

You don’t have to feel or appear guilty, and you don’t have to show her that you’re embarrassed about what you did. Act as though nothing has happened.

Next, move on to the next tale or topic. If she begins to complain, simply explain that it was all a joke and go on with your story.

If you stop and apologize for what you said, you might think the situation is finished. It’s her fault if you say anything and she doesn’t like it.

Women frequently make complaints to observe how they will react in such a situation. And if you don’t give in to her, her admiration and attraction to you will skyrocket.

9. Show that you are an average man.

In our world, there are a lot of different idiots, perverts, and psychologically unstable guys, so it is essential with all your behavior to demonstrate that you do not belong to such subjects.

Make fun of the stupid behavior of other guys who act like weaklings. Tell the girl that you are busy and hang up without even asking her to come on a date. If she calls you but doesn’t leave a message on her answering machine, tell her that she’s stalking you, and ordinary people leave messages.

Doing so will show her that you are not one of those freaks who desperately want to get into her panties. And she will understand that you are better than those other guys with whom she usually dates.

10. Use her games on her

We all know that women love to “play different games.” And when you turn the situation around and start playing her game with her, it shifts the emphasis in your favor.

One of my favorite games is “You’re a poorly bred child, and I don’t like it.” I think this does not require an explanation.

Others use the method “Let’s see who is more interested” and “I am hard to win, and you will come running to me.” Use these methods, and you will soon find that she realizes that she cannot resist you as a person.


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