How To Own How To Do And Maintain A Honey Sweep? For Free.

Do you want to revive the colour of your hair? Go for the honey sweep! Now very trendy, the latter gives pep to all of your hair and perfectly conceals white hair! In this article, we will show you how to maintain it and achieve it.


Honey sweep: what is it?

The colouring approach called Honey Balayage was thought to bring apparent effects to part of the hair. It does not require complete colouring. To create the nuances, it is necessary to carry out wicks, particularly on the ends and the half-lengths. These techniques will allow you to achieve the desired result. Don’t worry; they make for a much more natural look.

Moreover, you can choose the desired degree of lightening. In doing so, refer to the nature of your hair. If you want to give shine to your dull hair, do not hesitate to bet on golden honey. The colour will be warmer and more delicious!


What are the good reasons for choosing honey sweep?

Honey balayage is the best ally to revive your natural colour. This method is also one of the most popular with those who want to hide their grey hair effectively. In addition, it can give more character to them. It will also seduce you since the honey colour on the hair is perfect for everyone. You have to find the most suitable shade, and voila! You have the choice between acacia honey, cherry honey, and many more.


Balayage: for what type of hair?

As indicated above, it is possible to apply honey balayage to brown hair or blonde hair. If you have dark hair, we advise you to opt for acacia honey. The latter is known for its ability to restore radiance while reducing contrast. For blonde hair, however, mountain honey will do just fine. Know that it will subtly illuminate your hair and give it greedy reflections regarding the balayage on brown hair. However, given the different shades that exist, it would always be better to leave the job to the hairdresser. He will be able to suggest the one that best suits your hair type and the colour of your complexion. Versatile, the honey sweep blends easily with the matte skin colour.

How To Do And Maintain A Honey Sweep body

Its role is to light up your face. If you have fair skin, however, it will effectively soften your facial feature. To add volume to your fine hair, ask your hairdresser for a honey balayage. It will also be the ideal ally to bring depth to be curly or thick hair. Unfortunately, it is not suitable for black hair. Otherwise, the colour contrast may be too great.

However, for those with brown hair, go for the caramel balayage since it guarantees a highlight for the visible. This type of colouring is also highly recommended on dark brown. 


Tips for successful honey sweep

Performing a honey sweep is not an easy task since it requires a little know-how. It is why it would always be better to do it in a hairdressing salon. The average price fluctuates around 60 euros depending on the length and type of hair and the reputation of the colourist. Some professionals even offer their services at home to simplify your task. It all depends on your preferences.

Of course, you don’t have to hire a professional to do a honey caramel balayage. However, you need to have suitable accessories such as the sweeping kit. Also, equip yourself with a cap with holes or a comb depending on the type of application desired. Be careful not to wash the hair before scanning. Then, when choosing the colour, go for a lighter tone to achieve the desired natural effect. For a successful soft brown balayage, make large strands of colours. However, if you want to benefit from a better rendering of your honey-on-brown balayage, favour colouring on delicate strands.

Also, be sure to respect the exposure time to avoid having too light colours. The only solution is to consult the product leaflet before use. Finally, know that it is essential to accentuate the balayage on the ends and lengths. Use at least two to three shades for an even result. Once these steps are completed, you can use a blower brush and compare the results of the honey sweep on brown hair before and after. 

balayage honey

Balayage honey: how to take care of it?

Have you pulled off a honey blonde balayage and are curious about how to maintain it? First of all, it is necessary to promote the nutrition of hair fibre. For this, always make sure to use a suitable product since it will strengthen and hydrate your hair simultaneously. This technique will also help you retain the colour and prolong its durability. These are the reasons why you should bring purple or blue shampoo.

Both prevent and eliminate yellow highlights on your fair hair. Then, we advise you to invest in a mask for coloured hair. For its application, start with the tip and continue towards the root. Knowing that the lock on chestnut, brown or blond hair can lose its shine, we recommend that you renew the colour every 2 to 3 months. However, you have the option of prolonging the colouring by using specific protective sprays and radiance reviving treatments. Chamomile shampoos will also do the trick!