Is The Mullet Cut Still Trendy In 2021?

The mullet cut has been back in force since the year 2020. Since Kristen Stewart launched it, it has become fashionable, especially during fall/winter 2021. If you too want to follow the trend of the beautiful Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, etc., check out this article! 


The mullet cut: what is it exactly?

The mullet is an 80s haircut. The name was given about the shape of the head of the mullet fish. If you do some research, you will realize that the men’s mullet cut was very much adopted by footballers of the time. Today she is experiencing new and improved versions while staying on the basic style.

The 80s cut for women is very recognizable, especially with the hair short at the temple and long at the back of the neck. If, however, you want to achieve a 2020 mullet cut, we advise you not to leave a big difference in length between the two parts mentioned above. The objective is, therefore, to achieve a stepped gradient. To cut modern women, do not hesitate to put fringes. All you have to do is put on good makeup and choose the appropriate dress style, and voila! 

The mullet cut: a new fashion among the stars

The mullet cut has wreaked havoc in recent years with the stars. Rihanna was among those who proudly wore the mullet hairstyle. An initiative that led to massive criticism from his fans. Miley Cyrus then took over, making sure to add a touch of modernity to this women’s mullet cut. She showed it for the first time on her Twitter account. Finally, most of the Dior models revealed their 2020 women’s amount during the winter fashion shows. 

feminine modern mullet female

Different ways to embellish your mullet cut

Does the mullet cut also win you over? Don’t worry, and the hairstyle mullet is perfect for all face shapes. To reproduce the hair mullet, it is enough to adhere to the rules mentioned above: long on the nape of the neck and short on the sides. However, consider making an intermediate-length at the top of the head to give harmony to the whole. Before going out, all it takes is a few strokes of the blower brush, and voila! To obtain an incomparable result, do not hesitate to entrust the task to a professional. 

Have you adopted the 2018 women’s mullet cut, but you have trouble embellishing it? To achieve this, you must choose the right outfit while considering the nature of your hair. For a curly mule cut, do not hesitate to wear a suit and pumps. For straight hair, however, a beautiful evening dress will do just fine!