Lose Weight Fast: 8 Top Tips To Lose Weight

Lose Weight Fast 8 Top Tips To Lose Weight

8 Top Tips To Lose Weight Fast: Whether for the upcoming wedding or on vacation on the Thai dream beach: Do you want to present yourself in top form soon? Do you need a solution to lose weight quickly in a week? We’ll show you how to lose weight quickly and easily without starving yourself.

Table of contents:

1. Lose weight quickly with a crash diet?
2. Basic rule for (quick) weight loss
3. 8 top tips: lose a lot of weight in a short time
4. Quick Weight Loss FAQ
5. Lose weight quickly with Fitness First


Lose a lot of weight fast with a crash diet?

Are you impatient and want to lose weight as soon as possible? Caution: Eating little or hardly anything overnight is not recommended as a goal. Even if the pointer on the scales briefly goes down when you are on a diet: You gain back the kilos you lost (calorie deficit) just as quickly, and the so-called yo-yo effect occurs. Why? The metabolism slows down, and your basal metabolic rate drops. That means you automatically burn fewer calories. There are also other reasons against crash diets:

• Your body loses mostly water at the beginning.
• Then it breaks down valuable muscle mass.
• There is a threat of nutrient deficiency.
• Your hormonal balance can get mixed up.

A basic rule for (quick) weight loss

Whether you want to shed a few pounds quickly or wish to be in better shape in the long term, the basic rule for losing weight is always the same – you have to supply your body with less energy (calories) than it consumes. To calculate a calorie deficit, you should know your basal metabolic rate. That is, the number of calories your body needs in 24 hours to perform all of its functions. You can roughly (!) Orientate yourself on this formula:

• Women: 0.9 kcal x kg body weight x 24
• Men: 1.0 kcal x kg body weight x 24

At Fitness First, we analyze your basal metabolic rate with a professional analysis scale to get more precise values regarding calorie intake and calorie deficit. This value is multiplied ten times by the so-called PAL value (Physical Activity Level), resulting in your total calorie requirement. Depending on how much muscle mass you have and how active you are during the day, your whole energy requirement will be higher or lower. It is best to seek advice from a fitness studio and your (personal) trainer for sustainable success.

Lose Weight Fast

8 top tips: lose a lot of weight in a short time

Basically: Losing weight permanently requires a lot of discipline and patience. Therefore, rely less on diets and better on a long-term balanced diet and a lot of exercise & sport in everyday life to lose weight as healthily as possible. Still, are there goals for which you want timely and visible results? Our tips for losing weight fast are suitable for this. If you adhere to the following basic rules, you will not only lose weight in seconds, but you will also get inspiration to change your habits in the long term:

Tip 1: reduce starches / simple carbohydrates!

When you consume a lot of sugar and starch, your insulin levels rise rapidly and fall just as quickly. As a result, you have more appetite, and there are more frequent cravings. In addition, insulin ensures that more fat is stored in your body, which you then have to burn again. A low-carbohydrate diet, therefore, has the following advantages:

• It boosts your fat burning!
• It usually keeps you full longer!
• It ensures less water retention!

Avoid fast food and sweets that contain a lot of sugar and starch (= high-calorie intake). But sugar is also hidden in many other foods, e.g., Am:

• Fruit yogurts (with high sugar content)
• Bakery products
• Canned fruit (e.g., pineapple)
• Ready meals
• Snacks such as muesli bars & Co.

Tip 2: stay away from sugary drinks!

It’s not just your meals that are crucial to being able to lose weight quickly and easily. Sugar is not only hidden in food but also beverages. If you forego sugary soft drinks, lemonades, etc., you can often lose weight much faster. But fruit juices also prevent you from losing weight quickly. Fruit contains a lot of fructose (this is even more concentrated in fluids!) And therefore a lot of kilocalories. Incidentally, this also applies to smoothies and other drinks without artificial sugar.

Our tip: If you fancy something sweet and juicy, it is best to use low-sugar fruits, such as B. these delicious berries and fruits:


Sugar content per 100 g


7.4 g


5.5 g


4.9 g


4.8 g


6.2 g


5.9 g

Tip 3: consume more protein & fiber!

You will lose weight faster if you have a healthy mix of proteins, fiber, and healthy fats in your meals. With protein, you are not only well supplied and packed for a long time, but it also improves your metabolism, and you burn up to approx. 100 kilo more calories every day. Protein-rich foods are, e.g., B:


Protein content per 100 g

Chicken meat

27 g


26 g

pork meat

27 g


25 g


20 g


29 g


20 g


19 g


16 g


75 g


26 g


21 g


20 g

Kidney beans

24 g


19 g

Many people don’t know that you don’t have to avoid healthy fats to lose weight quickly and effectively. Because they not only fill you up permanently, they also stimulate your fat-burning at the same time! The best healthy sources of fat are:

• high-fat fruits and vegetables, such as B. avocados or olives
• Seeds and nuts such as flax seeds, sesame seeds & walnuts
• Vegetable oils such as olive, rapeseed, sesame & coconut oil

And what about fiber? Put vegetables that are low in carbohydrates on your menu – this will automatically ensure you have enough vitamins, minerals, and fiber. You can often recognize them by their color because almost every “low-carb vegetable” is green, e.g. E.g ., broccoli, spinach, lettuce, cucumber, or cabbage. And another tip: make sure that each meal contains a source of protein and fat at the same time – a good portion of vegetables will round off your plate perfectly. Speaking of “green stuff”:

consume more protein & fiber

Tip 4: make sure to drink a lot!

Sufficient fluids can help you lose weight in a week. Those who drink a lot are less hungry and are full more quickly – this is especially true BEFORE meals. It is best to use the following rule of thumb as a guide:

“Drink a large glass of water 30 minutes before each meal.”

Why? Your portions will automatically be smaller when there is less room for food in your stomach. A study from Virginia Tech University found that drinking before a meal saved people up to 150 pounds of calories per meal. And not only that: If you drink a lot of water throughout the day, it will boost your metabolism in the long term. That means in plain language: With at least 2 liters of liquid per day, you can consume up to 100 calories more.

Tip 5: Avoid (too much) alcohol!

Do you want to lose a lot of weight in a short time? Then give up alcohol! It is full of empty calories. Cocktails and sweet alcoholic beverages, in particular, contain a lot of sugar. But beer and wine are also challenging. Did you know how high-calorie alcoholic drinks are? Here are a few examples from everyday life:


Calories (per serving)

1 glass of Kölsch or Pils (0.3 l)

approx. 130 calories

1 glass of white or red wine (0.2 l)

approx. 150 calories

1 glass of sparkling wine (0.2 l)

approx. 150 calories

1 gin and tonic (15 cl)

approx. 110 calories

1 pina colada (15 cl)

approx. 350 calories

1 bottle of alcopops (0.33 l)

about 200 calories

Violent, isn’t it? A long night of partying turns fast into a calorie bomb. In addition, alcoholic (mixed) drinks contain a lot of sugar. Your insulin level shoots up, and just as quickly, it drops again. As a result, cravings, as with a diet, are preprogrammed – that’s why boozy evenings often end with a visit to the next french fries or kebab shop. By the way: alcohol also ensures that your body is busy detoxifying for a long time. The liver works at full speed, and carbohydrates, proteins, and fats can hardly be used or at a much slower pace.

Tip 6: ensure restful sleep!

Another critical factor in losing weight quickly and efficiently is the quality of your sleep. At night, a person’s body works at full speed:

• Your cells regenerate.
• Toxins are filtered and removed.
• The lymph flow is stimulated.

Exactly how much sleep you need is very individual – there is no such thing as the perfect amount. As a rule, however, you should get at least 6 to 8 hours per night. Also, avoid meals just before bed and eat light and protein-rich in the evening. Do you sleep poorly (anyway)? We’ll tell you what helps in our magazine article for healthy sleep:

ensure restful sleep

Tip 7: do sport and exercise!

Losing weight without exercise is possible, but it takes significantly longer. So if you want to lose a lot of weight quickly, training and practice are super important. You burn more calories and reach your desired weight faster than with a diet with an active everyday life. So it’s best to plan exercise about 2 to 3 times a week. We particularly recommend short but intense training sessions – 20 to 30 minutes are often enough. The following two factors help with fast but also healthy weight loss :

1. Strength training is crucial for the muscles. The more power you have, the higher your basal metabolic rate and the more you can eat without gaining weight. In addition, strength training stimulates your muscles and protects them from degradation.

2. Endurance exercise stimulates your metabolism and is a great supplement to burn extra calories. Cycling, jogging & Co. are also good alternatives on days when your muscles (from strength training) regenerate and grow. Alternative: If you don’t find time to exercise, try to exercise more in everyday life. Even small changes can make a big difference.

• Take the stairs instead of the elevator more often!
• Walk to the shop or take the bike!
• Sometimes you can walk shorter distances!
• Have fun doing housework and gardening!
• Walk longer distances with the dog!
• Even more tips against a sedentary lifestyle!

Do you think sport is more fun together or in a group? In special weight-loss courses, you can get the most out of yourself together with others. Indoor cycling, dance aerobics, or interval training – there are offers for every taste – give it a try:

Tip 8: Put on fat burners (food)!

Sometimes just a few, but specific, products make a big difference in weight loss or diet. Apple cider vinegar is considered a miracle weapon in the fight against excess kilos. Try the following apple cider vinegar effect to lose weight quickly:

• Put two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water and drink it right after you get up in the morning! The reason: Apple cider vinegar curbs the appetite and gets your metabolism running at full speed. Another popular drink made from lemon, ginger, and cucumber provides more energy and helps you lose weight quickly and effectively:

• Put the juice of 2 lemons in a jug of water. Add grated ginger and thin cucumber slices. Then put the drink in the cold for 12 hours and enjoy it on an empty stomach in the morning! Other spices that will help you lose weight quickly are chili, turmeric, pepper, and ginger. They stimulate digestion and heat your body. It also increases your calorie consumption – which is also ideal for losing weight in old age.

Lose weight quickly with Fitness First

Your nutrition experts and (personal) trainers from Fitness First will be happy to accompany you on your way to lose weight quickly, but also in the long term. Try different training methods in your club and see what you enjoy the most. Have suitable nutrition plans put together for you, book personal coaching, or attend various group courses for the perfect motivational kick. A lot is possible, and losing weight quickly has never been easier than with Fitness First!


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