Lose Weight While You Eat – 14 Belly Shrinking Tips

14 Belly Shrinking Tips Lose Weight While You Eat You might wonder, why do fat people eat and drink, and you eat all day timidly, waist is known for it? The answer lies in metabolism. Metabolism is the body inside a small machine, all the time to burn calories.

Lose Weight While You Eat - 14 Belly Shrinking Tips

Due to genetic factors, some women burn fat more quickly. However, age, weight, diet, exercise habits also have a role. As age increases, women’s metabolic rate will gradually decline. Intervals starting from 20-year-old ten years would reduce the 56 pounds muscle.

In other words, the age of 35 a day less than 25 years of age consumes 100 kilocalories. It sounds as though people feel worried, and we still have some simple ways to tap the body’s potential to burn fat.

The following 14 Belly Shrinking Tips tell you how to burn body fat. As long as such Act, I believe that slimming, body, weight loss becomes easy.

  1. Do not cut calories Meng

Using a deficient calorie diet is not an effective weight loss. Because the human body has a program that automatically maintains average body weight, so if you suddenly lose from diet 1000 kcal of heat, your body’s introductory metabolic rate (the body to maintain essential physiological functions such as breathing and heartbeat of the required calories value) will automatically slow down, because the body is now that you are hungry.

Then, the number of calories the body consumes each day should do? This activity should be based on your size to determine. Your current body weight (pounds) multiplied by 11 results in your daily calories should be needed. For example, your weight is 120 pounds, the regular daily consumption of calories is about 1320 kcal. Unless you have less than five feet tall (1.52 meters), do not make your daily calorie consumption of less than 1200 kcal. Studies have shown that consumption of calories is any lower than this value of women, and their introductory metabolic rate will decrease as much as 45%.

  1. Must eat breakfast

Breakfast is three meals a day with the closest relationship between metabolism and weight loss meal. Many studies have shown that those who eat breakfast are more likely than not to eat breakfast to lose weight. As in sleep, the metabolic rate is meager, only to rise again to restore the meal. Therefore, if ignored for breakfast, lunch before, the body can not burn fat as usual. That is why breakfast intake of 300-400 kcal diet with a sensible move in why breakfast is the starter’s metabolism.

Researchers at the University of Australia will be high-fat breakfast, and high-fiber carbohydrates to compare the effect of breakfast and found that those who eat high-fat meals people hungry after dinner time faster. Body of high-fiber-carbohydrate digestion and absorption of dietary fat foods than the length of time, so it does not cause significant fluctuations in blood sugar levels, which are hungry to time will be longer. Therefore, breakfast should contain a large number of high-fiber carbohydrates.

  1. Eat more protein

Studies have shown that sufficient protein intake quantities can increase the body’s metabolism level; the human body will burn 150-200 calories a day more than the heat. Mainly by the amino acid composition of protein, the body to digest such food is more than time-consuming to digest fats and carbohydrates. Therefore, they are decomposed to need to burn more calories.

Of course, this does not mean that people must be based on a high-protein-based diet. However, you should ensure that the daily intake of total calories to 10% -35% from protein (such as fish, chicken, low-fat cheese, yogurt, beans) so that the structure is considered a balanced diet.

  1. Increase the number of meals

Forty-five tons of small meals a day to eat a meal more than three maintain a vigorous metabolism level. The time between meals should be kept to 2-3 hours and ensure that every meal must have protein food because it is a metabolic enhancer. For example, if you eat breakfast is a high-fiber cereal food and fruit, then snacks between breakfast and lunch should eat yogurt and fruit.

For lunch, try to eat 100 grams of the chicken (or fish) outer zone of a vegetable salad—afternoon, when the edible snacks a banana and a piece of low-fat cheese. To try to eat dinner, you can come to a fire where 100-150 grams of chicken, fish, or a copy of protein foods, plus a serving of vegetables.

  1. Eat “Good” carbohydrates

Refined carbohydrates such as donuts, white bread, and so on make dramatic fluctuations in insulin levels, promoting the body’s fat inside the store, thus reducing its metabolic rate. Therefore, the added carbohydrate should be based on better than those with high cellulose, such as all kinds of vegetables, fruits, and whole-wheat grains. They all belong to “good” carbohydrates, and these foods have little effect on insulin levels.

  1. Quit alcohol

Pre-dinner drink a cocktail or other spirits wine? Then please take wine when you think twice. Some recent studies have shown that fasting will make more people drink an intake of 200 kcal. Another study found that the body metabolism in the play, the first is the combustion of alcohol in the heat. In other words, the other diet may be used as the heat stored in the subcutaneous fat. If you do alcoholics intolerable, you may drink a little wine; every glass of wine contains only 80 kcal of heat and many healthy antioxidants.

  1. Do not wean

Dairy products must be there every day. January 2003, the United States “Journal of Nutrition” published a study indicated that: those who drink a day (food) with 3-4 times of milk, yogurt, and cheese women and those who do not eat dairy products compared to the fat will be more reduced by 70 % or more. Lipid-lowering diet because of dairy products:

milk of calcium interaction with other ingredients to enhance the organism’s metabolism level of burning excess body fat increases the speed. Women’s daily consumption of dairy products, while an additional 1,200 mg of calcium supplement can burn the fat, get the best results.

  1. Drink spicy soup

Studies have shown that lunch or dinner soup or cooking time, put a little pepper, would have to improve the state of the body resting metabolic rate, the reason that capsaicin can stimulate the body to release adrenaline, thus speed up the metabolism level, thereby enhancing the body the ability to burn calories. The researchers also found that pepper can suppress appetite and is not easy to make people feel hungry after dinner.

  1. Institute of close their eyes meditatively

Lack of sleep affects the body’s metabolism. Any less than 4 hours of sleep each night, their body breaks down carbohydrates, would encounter more significant difficulties. When you feel tired, the body will lack the energy to maintain daily functional activities (including the burning of calories), so your ability to the body’s metabolism naturally will be reduced.

There are many ways could be assured of adequate sleep, depending on their own will arrange a time. If you have a night of poor sleep, it will exercise schedule before going to bed 2-3 hours to sleep with you hugged tightly. Also, a hot bubble bath before bed can make it easier to sleep.

  1. Eat more bananas

Bananas contain a lot of potassium, and it is by regulating the fluid balance to enhance the body’s metabolism level. Suppose the state of the body is in the water, the burning of calories will be reduced. Therefore, 1,200 mg of potassium’s daily intake ensures that at least one element: one banana contains 450 milligrams, a cup of milk contains 370 milligrams of an orange containing 250 milligrams.

  1. Do not ignore the peanut butter

Do you usually eat peanut butter? To improve the standard of the body’s metabolism and reduce waist size, starting today, put it as your diet partner because peanut butter is rich in magnesium. Magnesium This mineral supplement by giving the energy to increase cellular metabolism. Therefore, to burn the fat diet, a daily intake of 320 mg of magnesium should be. The best foods containing such substances are whole wheat bread, peanut butter sandwiches, production of spinach-produced dishes, and so on.

  1. Eat fish

People who eat fish regularly can reduce the Body Lape Pavilion (Leptin) levels of this hormone, which is very useful for a lipid-lowering diet, because the higher the level of the Body Lape Pavilion, the body’s metabolic rate becomes lower, the body also becoming more and more fat. Therefore, to slender build, with 3-4 copies per week should be eating fish.

  1. Iron supplementation

Iron is essential for fitness. If insufficient iron intake, the body can not deliver oxygen to the cells, reducing the metabolic level. For adults, 18 mg of iron per day should be added. To achieve this goal, you can either take iron or vitamin, and you can also eat iron-rich foods such as lean meat, chicken, soybeans, and strengthen and grains.

  1. Drink green tea

Not only for its anti-cancer benefits of green tea by the people known to but also has increased the role of metabolism. For those who drink three times a day of tea, their metabolic rate will increase by 4%. In other words, the daily consumption of more than 60 kcal, equivalent to 6 pounds a year, loses weight.

This may be because green tea can increase norepinephrine levels of this chemical composition; this substance plays a vital role in accelerating metabolism. From this, we can see that the tea will control heart disease and cancer and the part of weight loss is striking.


Although weight-loss surgery for obesity, bringing hope to trim, the surgery is not without risks; earlier studies have found that the chances of postoperative fracture twice as high as the average population; the medical profession recently found that easily fracture of weight-loss surgery, I believe, is not long-term added sufficient calcium and vitamin D related to shrinking due to the stomach after an opportunity to affect the absorption of vitamins and minerals function.

Mayo Medical Center announced earlier that a follow-up period of seven years of research found that 97 middle-aged patients who received weight-loss surgery, there are 21 people there were 31 fractures, including fractures of the risk of foot than the average height of a man seven times, but the study did not explain why.

The United States over weight-loss surgery expert analysis part of the fracture cases and found that the patient’s blood calcium and vitamin D are low, and is believed to reduce the stomach, it will reduce the absorption of calcium and vitamin D, the ability to show postoperative day were obese added 1,200 mg calcium and 800 milligrams of vitamin D may not be sufficient, it is recommended apart from increasing the intake, the patients must regularly monitor the calcium, vitamin D and parathyroid hormone levels.

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