The 10 Best Jogging Shoes for Women

The 10 best jogging shoes for women

The Runner’s World run-time publication regularly tests the current running shoe models on the market. We present the The 10 Best Jogging Shoes for Women.

Running without the right shoe is only half the fun, and the risk of injury increases if your foot is not in the right shoe. Quite as a result, it is a motivation that should not be underestimated to reward yourself in advance for the upcoming runs with a chic, optimally adapted running shoe.

But if you want such a shoe, you will soon be faced with the question: which one should you choose? We have the 10 best suggestions for you here.

Which is the right and Best Jogging Shoes for Women?

If you ask runners what makes a really good running shoe, 4 key factors are mentioned again and again:

  1. Well-balanced cushioning: This means that the sole of the shoe cushions the impact forces when running.
  2. Sufficient stability: the shoe supports the foot where it is needed.
  3. Low weight: The less a shoe weighs, the easier it is to run.
  4. Comfortable fit: the shoe should not press or feel uncomfortably at any point.

A running shoe should combine these properties in the best possible way. Every runner perceives what is optimal differently – because every running style and every foot is different. That is why the editorial team of RUNNER’S WORLD has to merge as much data and test impressions as possible into shoe descriptions.

These are the 10 Best Jogging Shoes for Women

Following the test reports, you will find some tips for your individual running shoe choice.

1. Brooks Ricochet 3

Test impression: Brooks carefully pepped up the ricochet. While the predecessor, which was already equipped with reactive DNA-AMP foam, was praised for its excellent roll-off properties, the upper material of the 3 series has been optimized in particular: the mesh fabric is more breathable, the laces are more stable and the lacing keeps the back of the foot even more secure – ideal too for narrow feet. 

“Good fit in the heel area, no pressure, no slipping out,” said one tester, who also praised the “sock-like fit on the ankle”. This makes the lightweight shoe ideal for brisk training sessions. The only criticism: When wet, the sole quickly becomes slippery.

Category : Damping shoe Weight : 238 g Drop : 8 mm

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2. Altra Timp 2

Test impression:If the Timp 2 were a car, it would be an SUV – just without exhaust fumes. Because it is actually designed as a trail shoe, but has very good all-round qualities. Altra attaches great importance to a wide toe box in connection with a “zero blast”: so the heel and forefoot are on the same level. In return, the Timp has a midsole that is just as voluminous as the street model Torin (29 millimeters thick under the heel) and is comfortably cushioned.

The outsole is flexible and has a good grip. There was praise for the look and functionality of the newly designed, very supple and seamless upper material. The women-specific fit and lacing enable an ideal fit; Altra uses a specific women’s last that takes into account the narrower heel width, for example. A shoe,

Category : Neutral shoe Weight : 245 g Drop : 0 mm

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3. On Cloudflow

Test impression:The Cloudflow is one of the classics from On. The ingredients: a light construction with a “Cloudtec” sole on a curved “Speedboard” last. There were small but noticeable changes in the very high-quality upper material. What remains is the excellent wearing comfort and the good foot climate. This is one of the reasons why it is so popular in leisure time. 

The fit has been improved by an optimized heel cap and the revised, slightly padded flap, which ends at the side of the elastic straps surrounding the foot. The flexible sole conveys an agile walking feeling, which is promoted in the current version by the partially used “Helion” foam. The durability has also been improved. When it is wet, however, the shoe is a bit slippery. The Cloudflow was designed for high speed,

Category : Neutral shoe Weight : 189 g Drop : 6 mm

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4. Reebok Floatride Run Fast 3.0

Test impression: The entire Floatride family from Reebok offers the charm of simplicity and has won some fans in the RUNNER’SWORLD test team. The women’s version now weighs a very light 165 grams, which is mainly thanks to the new mono-mesh upper material. The solid filament fabric is made in one piece, is wonderfully air-permeable and ensures a classically tight fit with the character of a competition shoe.

 A thin, elastic band connects the tongue with the sole and, together with the good heel cap, ensures an excellent hold on the foot. This is reminiscent of the popular original version, the Run Fast 2.0, which was heavier and didn’t sit so close to the foot. The running properties are those of a classic competition shoe, without “rocker”, without a thick midsole – but puristically trimmed for speed.

Category : Neutral shoe Weight : 165 g Drop : 8 mm

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5. Brooks Adrenaline GTS21

Test impression:The Adrenaline is a real long-term hit: for the fourth time in a row, it took first place in the RUNNER’S-WORLD readers’ poll in the motion control shoes category – this time with the best result it has ever achieved. With the current revision, the target group of this stably constructed training shoe has now become even larger. The midsole cushions well, especially for heel runners, but is not too soft and offers even gentler rolling comfort than the GTS 20.

The “guiderails” are something like a lane keeping assistant in the car: the more the movement deviates from the center, the more the rail intervenes. The upper material is very soft, the tongue is connected to the sole area, the drop is quite high, the forefoot is rather wide. A tip for beginners and frequent runners.

Category : Stable shoe / damping shoe weight : 258 g blast : 12 mm

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6. Asics GT-2000 9

Test impression: The sturdy GT-2000 fills the gap between the Brooks Adrenaline, which is a lot heavier and has a higher drop, and the Saucony Guide, which has a little less drop but is even more supportive than the Asics. In the new version, the GT has become noticeably more dynamic: the forefoot area is more flexible, and the reactive Flytefoam material gives the cushioning a splash of dynamism. 

The new seamless mesh upper material, reinforced in important areas, offers even more support for running movements. A tester said: “A stable shoe in which I feel very comfortable during quiet runs and roll safely without being squeezed in.” The GT-2000 9 is available in a wider fit and is also recommended for heavier runners. It remains true to its tradition as a training shoe that is reliable in all situations.

Category : Stable shoe weight : 221 g blast : 10 mm

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7. Adidas Ultraboost 21

Test impression: You have to take a closer look at the Ultraboost: The technical data relating to the midsole have remained unchanged. The back and forefoot are just as high as their predecessor and the last and therefore the fit have remained the same. For this, Adidas has packed six percent more Boost material into the sole, which causes the weight gain. Our test runners didn’t notice that at all, they were too impressed by the new roll-off feel:

“The predecessor offered me too little dynamism in the forefoot area, but the Ultraboost 21 is suddenly a really agile shoe,” said one test runner. This is due to the new LEP torsion system in the midsole, which gives the forefoot area more tension. The metatarsal saddle gives more support, but the construction was criticized by test runners with a narrower foot.

Category : Stable shoe weight : 221 g blast : 10 mm

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8. Saucony Guide 14

Test impression: The Guide 14 has been upgraded, the new version – similar to the Brooks and Asics models – has become significantly more comfortable. This is due to an additional cushioning layer with the so-called PWRRUN material, a very soft and responsive foam. As a result, there is now at least 32.5 millimeters of cushioning under the rear foot. Due to the very stable guide frame made of TPU, the unwinding process is still characterized by stability.

Runners who want to counteract the inward buckling of the foot will find a robust solution here. In addition, the well-padded but extremely stable heel cap prevents the foot from breaking out to the side. Since the flap is laterally connected to the midsole by elastic straps, a good fit in the metatarsus is also ensured.

Category: stability shoe weight : 266 g blast : 8mm

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9. Asics Gel Nimbus 23

Test impression: A leaflet would be needed to list all the technologies that Asics has packed into the new nimbus. Everything from the eyelets to the upper to the midsole has been completely overhauled. The running impression, however, remains the same: The Nimbus belongs to the top group in the comfort class.

The verdict of one tester is representative: “Asics has taken it to extremes in terms of soft rolling behavior, the desire for speed is secondary.” So if you want to run fast, you should rather use other (Asics) models, the Nimbus offers that gentle pampering program for runner’s feet. In the women’s version, the fit and sole construction have been revised. The heel is now higher, the forefoot is more flexible. “A feel-good shoe for long and pleasure runs as well as chatting”, as one test runner sums it up.

Category: Neutral shoe / damping shoe Weight : 250 g Drop : 10/13 mm

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10. Mizuno Wave Skyrise 2

Test impression: “Wow, it’s comfortable,” a runner begins her test report. With the Wave Skyrise 2, Mizuno has created a total work of art that is extremely pleasant to wear. The shaft consists of two layers: on the one hand, from an inner light padding, on the other hand from an outer layer, which is firmer directly above the sole and in the metatarsal and lacing area, and airier and more elastic above the toes. The combination follows all movements and hugs the foot gently.

The tongue, the heel area and the shoe collar are also comfortably padded. The sturdy heel cap and toe protection fit seamlessly into the shaft. The lacing is classically constructed and “can be adjusted exceptionally well”, according to one tester. The “Foam Wave” gives the shoe dynamism, “ideal for a continuous tempo run”, according to a tester. “But I can also imagine a half marathon or a marathon with the Skyrise 2.”

Category: stable cushioning shoe Weight : 240 g Drop : 10 mm

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How does RUNNER’S WORLD test running shoes?

A lot of time, science, sweat and running kilometers go into every test. In the practical test, the running shoes are tested in real use; this is about the subjective running impression of experienced test runners. In the laboratory test, the shoes are objectively tested according to standardized criteria. Both test results are included in the evaluation in our running shoe test.

Practice test: More than 400 runners were on the way for this test. You run at least 150 kilometers with each shoe and then fill out test sheets. For the test, RUNNER’S WORLD selected models made available by the manufacturers.

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