Treatment for Pain Behind Knee Using Pilates

Treatment for Pain Behind Knee Using Pilates

Treatment for Pain Behind Knee Using Pilates

There are times that everyone has experienced some kind of pain behind knee. There are plenty of reasons why one might suffer knee pain and they all warrant attention by your doctor before trying anything yourself to remedy the situation. At least get the consent of your doctor to try something on your own.

Many causes of knee pain are experienced by different individuals: it can be from a sports injury, a vehicular accident, or just over- fatigue. Also, you may have incurred knee knocks or slight tugs when you have missed your footing while walking- like, with your piggy bank, every little bit adds up.

Whatever the cause of the pain that you have, it is essential for you to get all the knowledge you can about treatment for knee pain so you can avoid doing further damage.

One cause of knee pain is an unbalanced patella from the tightness of the joint. One may also need knee pain treatment due to knocked knees, tendonitis and for bow-legged individuals (whether this is from riding a horse or congenital). One effective way of treating knee pain is engaging in the workout routine known as Pilates.

So why should one try Pilates as a treatment for knee pain? How does it work and what can it do for you to be able to wipe away the pain from your joints?

To relieve the pain in your knees through Pilates, a training program that is both distinct and functional is employed. Pilates is designed for treatment for pain- this is due to the fact that it focuses on form, articulation, alignment, the strength of the muscles, creation of joint spaces, improvement of dynamism and range of motion, and lastly, enhancing flexibility and reach.

There are different methods and several exercises you can do when looking for Pilates as an aid for knee pain relief. You can even do these workout routines at home or in a gym, depending on your preference. These Pilates workout routines will definitely make your muscles strong and lengthen them so as to ensure that you have agile and stronger supporting muscles to protect the knees.

Some of the Pilates Treatment for Knee Pain is as follows:


You can try Pilates exercise called Knee Folds. To perform this, lie on your back and bend your knees. Make sure your feet lay flat on the floor. Using the muscles of your abdomen, lift a foot off the floor and bring it towards you. As you lift in, inhale and exhale as you come back down.

Repeat this exercise ten times and switch legs. Focus on your breathing while doing this routine. Keep your abs tight and your spine to the floor while performing this exercise.

Next, you can also try the exercise Kneeling Side Kick. On your mat, kneel and pull your abdominals in while dropping your tailbone towards the floor. Now, extend your right leg directly outside while your toes are on the floor. Drop the left hand to the floor just right under your shoulder. This will leave your arm straight. Put your right hand on your hip and lengthen your right leg away from you. Lift it up to hip height and swing the leg in your front. Repeat this six times on each side.

Using a machine for Pilates treatment for Knee Pain, you can do the following:

For your first position, lie on your back while having your legs bent and your heels on the bar, feet flexed. Now, be sure to squeeze your legs together. It is important for you to relax your arms and torso. Extend your legs fully as you inhale. Be careful that you don’t lock your knees. Come back down to the first position as you exhale.

Next, you can do the Knee Stretch. Doing this, you need to lay your feet flat against the shoulder rests of the machine. Kneel on its carriage and make sure that your hands are on the foot bar. Push away using your hands. This will encourage flexibility in the legs and back.

These Pilates treatments for knee pain exercises can definitely make your knees stronger. What’s good is that you can treat your condition without subjecting yourself to surgery or the pain of recovery afterward.

More resistance and a broader motion range can be expected after doing Pilates exercises as part of your treatment for knee pain. You also gain the positive effects of the Pilates workout itself. The mind-body connection is the key to a healthy life. Allow yourself to listen to what your body desires.

Once you have already lengthened your joints and strengthened your muscles, walking should be easy and comfortable. No more joint cracking sounds should be heard as you walk or run.

You may also want to try a program dedicated specifically to treatment for knee pain.

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